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Upcoming Events

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February 24
Author Appearance
Anderson's Bookstore Annual Children's Literature Breakfast
Bobak's Signature Events
Woodridge, IL

March 10
Author Appearance and Signing
Southern Illinois Reads Book Fest
DuQuoin, IL

March 21
Author Talk and Signing
Battle of the Books Award Ceremony
Eisenhower Public Library
Harwood Heights, IL

October 4
Author Appearance and Signing
Illinois Reading Council Annual Conference
Civic Center and Marriott Hotel
Peoria, IL

More events will be listed soon!

Author Profiles & Interviews

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Travel Photos

Recent Travels

Past Event & Project Fun!

Signing Chestnut Court Book Stall
        Book signing at the Book Stall, Winnetka, IL

Signing Barnes & Noble
        Signing at Barnes & Noble, Chicago

Michigan Girl Scouts event
Signing books at Michigan Girl Scouts event

Michigan Girl Scouts  Michigan Girl Scouts
Michigan Girl Scouts Becca, Alex, and Abby working on their project to do 65 good things in their community after reading The Summer I Saved the World...in 65 Days.

Minnesota Book Club
Craft project from the Buffalo, Minnesota Book Club

Signing FBI Club
Poster from the "FBI"—Fantastic Book Investigators
                           Book Club!

Churchill Elementary Book Club
     Poster from the Churchill School Book Club
                            in Oswego, Illinois